Mancat is a top-down shooter heavily inspired by Nuclear Throne.  It's my first game ever, so it doesn't have that much content. There are 4 procedurally generated levels and a boss, as well as 7 different weapons you can find. I may expand it if I ever get better at making art or if I team up with an artist, since it would be pretty easy to add more weapons and pickups. 


I'm a terrible artist, so I didn't make most of the art found in the game. Some sprites coloring, animation and basic editings were done by me. Some particle FXs and sound FXs were also edited or created by me. The rest of the art I credit the following people:

  • JFA.exe, creator of our beautiful protagonist, Mancat, and most of the weapons.
  • Superdark, for all the dogs sprites. 
  • 0x72, for the sprites that inspired Superdark and for general inspiration.
  • VectorPixelStar, for the food sprites.
  • Kyrise, for a magical staff and some other stuff that were cut out of the final version of the game.
  • Elthen, for the gorgeous portal sprites.
  • Michael Baradari, for most of the sounds used in the game (specially the guns).
  • The font used is called monogram.
  • A big thank you to blackthornprod, which inspired me through his udemy course and youtube videos to finally make my own game.

I don't think I forgot anyone, but if I did, I'm sorry and please call me out on it!

Any kind of feedback is welcome. (Is the game too easy? too hard? would you play more levels?) 

Enjoy and thanks for playing!


Mancat Standalone 66 MB


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Well this is nice game, but you need to make movement less fluid and better level generation with some additional objects

And thanks for using of my sprites :D


I want to improve a lot of things on it, but my college classes are starting now and I won't have much time, so I decided to just upload it as it is. Level generation is so hard and takes so much time to get right lol. Thanks for playing, I love your art :)